Many of us visit special places perhaps on several occasions and consequently feel we know them well. The Local History Society’s annual outing in May was a guided tour of Gloucester Cathedral and the adjoining historic Parliament Rooms and this was a classic example of debunking that assertion.
Gloucester’s cathedral is without doubt one of the most beautiful and dignified in the country, containing fine examples of architectural and period styles and many important historic features. Magnificent windows, exquisite detailed stonework, fascinating cloisters and breathtaking ceilings – looking upwards to Heaven of course – were just some of the details explained. The recently discovered Hyett tombs and other personal and local features were pointed out and the Parliament Rooms, with Archbishop Laud peering down from over the fireplace, were also a reminder of the past importance of this beautiful building.
With so many different points of interest throughout its many and varied rooms and spaces, this is a local place of beauty and significance, a real gem, which is well worth visiting with a guide. Members were all of the opinion that on future visits they will look at its many points of interest and magnificence with fresh and certainly more knowledgeable eyes.