"Old" Frampton Court

Frampton Court, home to the Clifford family since the 12th century, is recognised as a grand house. Its immediate predecessor was much smaller but, as Rose Hewlett explained to the meeting of the Society in October, it was certainly a well-loved and happy family home.
In 1651 Captain John instigated the building of the house which was classically designed and painted in fashionable red. Fortunately for today’s researchers there are several extant documents from the time giving precise details of both the building materials used – exact numbers of bricks, tiles, nails etc - and the contents of every room in the house. A clear picture of the interior can be gained, from the various types of tables, chairs, pictures, carpets, table cloths, books, maps, jewellery and so on down to the stocks of rich foods to be found in the kitchens. Even Captain John’s secret cupboards for hiding money are listed.
His account books and inventories show that he was a fashionable dresser and enjoyed entertaining. His gardens were grand though there was a serious mole problem for which he employed mole, or want, catchers. Overall this was a house of pleasurable living and contented family life. The present house was built In the 1830s by Captain John’s great-grandson.